Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art Therapy

I'm losing track of time as to how long I've been away from home and with dad. Three weeks??? Four weeks??? It's all becoming one long day. As fishing, particularly fly fishing, was a GREAT passion of his, I find that fish have been a big subject for me. As my goal is too surround him with LOTS of love and positive energy I've aimed to paint happy, joyous fish. If I were to analyze my art I notice that the first fish pic I created is dark with rough waters (inks & pastels) and 6 fish (dad and we five kids???). The next two paintings (pearlized water colors) have five colorful fish (we five kids???) in lighter waters. Though we will miss him so much, it has been challenging, difficult, stressful and emotional helping him through these final days. There will be joy and relief knowing he'll soon be in a better place free from pain. I'm hoping his Heaven is a beautiful trout stream!!! :D I think my art is reflecting what's in my head and in my heart.

CARPÉ DIEM my friends!!!

Hug your dads!!!

Many smiles & happy creating!!!
Christine :D

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nina kuriloff said...

your fish are fun!

Carpe Diem!