Thursday, January 24, 2013

ANOTHER !!! FUN !!! Art Day!!!

Today I took my FIRST art class, a one time 2 hour class at a Michael's Arts & Crafts Store. !!! FUN !!! I painted my FIRST skyline. !!! FUN !!! It was the FIRST time I have ever painted with anyone else. !!! FUN !!! Made a couple new art buddies. !!! FUN !!!

So far 2013 has been FULL of art FUN!!!
I have sold three painting, two originals and one framed print. !!! FUN !!! My sister-in-law and her friend are hosting an art show for me the end of February, introducing my work to a whole new set of people. !!! FUN !!! I'm having a BLAST participating in Ardith Goodwin's 52 week Mixed-Media Challenge. !!! FUN !!! I could go on and on...I am DEFINITELY relishing in these moments and "CARPÉing the Diem" and having !!! FUN !!! :D

Many Smiles!
Happy Creating!!

Christine :D

Friday, January 11, 2013

Listening to a Whisper

Weeks 2 & 3 in this 52 week mixed-media journey I'm on involves acrylic skins. Until several days ago I never even heard of them. The basic process is drying acrylic paints on a surface they can be peeled off of then using them as a medium. This challenge suggests making "monochrome skins, translucent skins, skins that climb on rocks, thick skins, skinny skins even skins with..." (jokingly sung to an Oscar Meyer Weiner tune, LMAO!!!). Anyway, many different skins in many different ways. This is the first of several skins...monochrome...

These craft acrylics are as old as Methuselah!!! I spread a relatively thin layer on the bottom of a plastic container tomatoes came in. When dried it took a palette knife, razor and fingernails to remove. Though it looked beautiful spread on the plastic (wish I had a pic), the crumbly messy looking result was rather disappointing. But, while looking at my current WIP, waiting for my muse to whisper a direction in my ear, this mess began to look like gold leaf and I started embellishing her hair with it adding a headpiece. I think I heard that whisper...!!! Stay tuned...

Many Smiles! Happy Creating!! CARPÉ DIEM!!!

Christine :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A "Challenge" with Rewards (my first sale of 2013!!!)

I received a set of 48 Prismacolor Art Markers for Christmas. Upon opening this gift, I was "challenged" to start producing things with more color. When I asked for suggestions I was given a rather snarky, sarcastic answer of, "a psychedelic pizza with people dancing on it." This fun piece is what I came up with in response. I had a blast making it and am so excited that it will be enjoyed by somebody else!!! If only all of life's challenges were so easily solved with such great rewards...

I will enjoy this immensely!!!

Many Smiles!
Happy Creating!!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Finding Something in Nothing

Happy New Year!!! Though I never want to wish my life away, 2012 was an extraordinarily difficult and challenging year, a true test of "CARPE' DIEM"!!! I am happy for a "new beginning". On the positive side, my creative self was given amazing opportunities to thrive, absorb, learn, experiment and grow. I made deep, special, wonderful connections and true friendships with people around the world thanks to "creativity"!!! As some doors closed others opened brimming with things unseen. I look very forward to the unknown that will reveal itself this new year!!!

My first project of 2013 (thank you +Ardith Goodwin!!!) has brought  me to today's post. Week 1 Challenge (acrylic and graphite) of a 52 Week Mixed-Media Challenge had me surprisingly stymied as to what to do (quite unlike me!!!). I stepped out of my current box (though I jump in and out of them on regular basis) and found something out of nothing!!! After being stumped for a while, I thought of a great idea that I DID NOT do (why make it easy on myself...sheesh!). Unlike what was suggested, I decided to start bigger (14x22) than I've done in several years as I recently completed 14, 4x6 detailed ink and markers drawings. I looked at that big white blank nothingness and began a journey into the unknown...

The Process:
1) randomly poured a little gesso on paper

2) randomly squirted some acrylics (violet, blue lake, crimson yellow ochre, phthalo green)

3) blended/scraped front top to bottom with an old credit card

4) randomly added drops of white acrylic then used a brayer to spread it over the page

5) slowly I began to see people and faces emerge which I traced with various graphite pencils; I then highlighted with the above mentioned colors.


Though I was originally not happy with the results, as new things emerged I loved it more and more!!! It continues to grow!!!

If you look closely, even when life seems a huge mess, special surprises will emerge!!!


Happy New Year!!! Happy Creating!!!

CARPE' DIEM friends!!!
Christine :D