Thursday, January 24, 2013

ANOTHER !!! FUN !!! Art Day!!!

Today I took my FIRST art class, a one time 2 hour class at a Michael's Arts & Crafts Store. !!! FUN !!! I painted my FIRST skyline. !!! FUN !!! It was the FIRST time I have ever painted with anyone else. !!! FUN !!! Made a couple new art buddies. !!! FUN !!!

So far 2013 has been FULL of art FUN!!!
I have sold three painting, two originals and one framed print. !!! FUN !!! My sister-in-law and her friend are hosting an art show for me the end of February, introducing my work to a whole new set of people. !!! FUN !!! I'm having a BLAST participating in Ardith Goodwin's 52 week Mixed-Media Challenge. !!! FUN !!! I could go on and on...I am DEFINITELY relishing in these moments and "CARPÉing the Diem" and having !!! FUN !!! :D

Many Smiles!
Happy Creating!!

Christine :D


Danielle Smith said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Looks so beautiful! Way to go Momma!

Anonymous said...

This such an amazing painting - I love it. Can I pin it? x