Friday, July 13, 2012

The Power of Prayer

I am not one who often shares my feelings and views on faith and religion. I truly believe there are MANY RIGHT ways!!! Throughout the course of my life, my "right way" has shifted, changed, grown, disappeared and reemerged. I have questioned, I have doubted, I have believed.

Earlier this week I took kid#3 to his college orientation. Per my usual, I chatted it up with everyone in my path (as I have never met a stranger and treat all as a friend with something special to share and teach me). One such encounter did just that. All parents and students were given name tags to wear that had their hometown written on it. I noticed a woman from the area I grew up in. I approached her, introduced myself and began asking her some specifics regarding where she lived, what high school her daughter attended, etc., and briefly shared similar info about myself. During the course of this conversation (I have an uncanny ability of being able to extract a person's life history in 60 sec or less!!!) I come to find out that she was a nurse in that area who not only knew my father (hematologist/oncologist) but had worked with him. She then shared this story (paraphrased)...

"There were times when we would go to your father for orders on a patient, he would pull out his prescription pad and in very large letters write, PRAY."

She told me that with great respect, appreciation and admiration in her eyes. I was DEEPLY and profoundly moved! My father was a very impressive Physician (man) who treated his patients with the most excellent medical care one could give, how beautiful to see how much he deeply cared for their souls and self too! How wonderful to see that his impact on this world continues to live on!!! (He died the end of March).

I definitely have my own personal private struggles with organized religion but I do have a very strong Faith. Faith in the existence of a Power bigger, better and beyond human comprehension! Faith in the power and prevalence of human kindness! Faith in the power of prayer!

I pray in thanksgiving for all the gifts I have been given and for all the amazing people I've been blessed to cross paths with.

Many Smiles!
Happy Creating!!

Christine :D

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Nancy Pace said...

I love you my friend:)Awesome post!