Monday, September 2, 2013

Blowing off the Dust with 29 Faces

PHWEW! The dust is flying and I'm hacking away as I dust off this long lost blog! The impetus for this resurrection is the 29 faces challenge I just heard about this yesterday through my friend and fabulous artist, Ardith Goodwin. Coincidentally, prior to reading about this challenge, I had spent part of that afternoon doodling around with a face all seemed rather serendipitous, so hear I am. Though I'm still not exactly clear how to post to this challenge I have gathered that is via sharing your blog. I always enjoy a good challenge and this is a great way to attempt to pick up this blog again while exploring faces. 

Posted are my faces for days 1 and 2. Day 1 represents my "typical" "doodling" style.
For day 2, I decided to try something different and "doodle" with acrylics.

It will be interesting to see how the style of these faces evolve as I experiment with creating them. 

A quick update on my art adventure the past several months:

   *had a small but very successful show in February (Whoohoo!!!)

   *completed several commission pieces (YAY!!!)

   *participated in a Plein Air Competition not knowing what the heck I was doing but had a BLAST, completed 4 pieces (in "110" degrees) and met several local artists (FUN!!!)

   *joined a local art guild (Excited!!!)

   *just completed my first "real" art lessons taking an 8 week landscape workshop, have learned a TON and am signing up for another 8 weeks (LOVE LEARNING!!!)

   *got a booth in a high traffic local festival, Clifton Day, October 13 (YEEHAW!!!)

   *have completed a plethora of work in a variety of mediums, styles and techniques (I'm quite passionate and enthusiastic!!!) 

LOVING my art life!!!

Happy Creating!!!


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Stefanie Neumann said...

Great to see you back blogging and even greater to read that you are having such a wonderful time, Christine!

I am also finding it very encouraging that you are enjoying your art life as I am choosing the path of art more and more for myself.

Much love from Germany,