Thursday, April 17, 2014

I was "Jack'd"!!!

Sunday was my birthday. As a gift, I asked for a three day landscape painting workshop by a well established artist, Jack Pardue ( He and I met last summer at a Plein Air competition where he proceeded to tell me everything I was doing wrong LOL!!!  (I had NEVER done anything even remotely close to plein air before). Our paths crossed several months later, at another exhibit/sale, where I showed him my vast improvements (in Plein Air). He liked what I had done and also apologized for giving me such a hard time when we first met. As I always like a good challenge, I jumped on the opportunity to learn from Jack.   If you've been following this artistic journey of mine you may have noticed I often tend to gravitate toward VERY fine pens. Jack paints with a two inch wide paint brush and had me do the same, YIKES!!! Talk about "our of my box", that's a far step from my .005 pen nib, but when in is the result of this weekend's adventure. I had a BLAST, learned TONS, and connected with some very SPECIAL people.  

(Please note that the third piece is 95% Jack's work.)

Happy Creating!!!

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