Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And she danced and danced and danced...

As a child I was told I COULDN'T be friends with everyone??? I found that quite baffling based on the Catholic teachings I was raised on. As a teenager I was told I HAD to pick a side despite clearly seeing and understanding both perspectives of the story (what's wrong with neutrality and compromise?!?!). As a parent, kid#2 has accused me of being too "pro-friendly" (really!?!? is there such a thing?!?!). Recently, on a social network site I was publicly blasted for "+1ing" a work of art before reading the accompanying blog post!?!? (though the post was dark and negative I still found the painting to be beautiful..."eye of the beholder..."). I can wait in a line and by the time I'm through I know my fellow "line waiter's" life story and am close to adding them to my Christmas card list. My family often rolls their eyes at me as I engage yet another new acquaintance in conversation. I truly LOVE people and have never met a stranger. I have always been enthralled and intrigued by all whose paths I cross. My passion, enthusiasm and interest in my fellow humans is quite genuine and sincere. This attitude has introduced me to many fascinating people and has brought me MANY treasures in life.

Here's to being "pro-friendly"!!! :D

Many Smiles!
Happy Creating!!

Christine :D

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Nancy Pace said...

I absolutely am on your side! I am pro-friendly too, and I find the pro's far out weight the con's:) Negative people are sucking too many lemons, they should use them to make lemonade to share with everyone:)

BTW, I love love love your fun art! And she danced and she danced:)