Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wanting to Frolick...

There has been MUCH going through my head of late with the recent death of my father: Being acutely aware of my mortality; Wanting to make the BEST of the unknown amount of time I've got here; Thinking about faith; Thinking about my role in this world which is changing at lightening speeds! My role as a daughter no longer exists :( My role as a mother is drastically changing as my youngest prepares for high school graduation and the wonderful adventure of going to college. My role as a ever changing work in progress. I'm sometimes overcome with a tremendous sense of loss, melancholy and sadness though I much prefer my cup to be joyously half-full. Sometimes frolicking through life can be more like wading and wallowing. Life is full of struggles. I hope to travel this journey with a smile and hope. I want to frolick!!!

Many Smiles!
Happy Creating!!

Christine :D


Nancy Pace said...

I love your spirit Christina, your art is a reflection of your inner being, and she is beautiful!

Mary Claire said...

I agree with Nancy! :) Lovely blog post!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Lots of life in these art works!