Thursday, September 5, 2013

29 Faces Day 5 with thanks to Ade!!!

I was asked several days ago by a young woman on Instagram if I would draw her portrait. I was rather surprised she asked me as of all the thousands of artists on Instagram I seem to be the least likely to perform this task. Until day 3 of this challenge I have never really attempted to draw a "real" person so certainly none of my posted work would shout out "I'm a portrait artist". Since this challenge encourages stepping out of your box and experimenting with different styles, techniques, mediums, etc. it seemed rather serendipitous to be asked at this time. Today I attempted two portraits of this very cute young woman. In the first, she looks way older than the reference photo.
 I think I  captured her cuteness and youth much better in this second image.
These are not great, but not bad. Perhaps there's some potential here with more practice and guidance. Any input is always welcome and encouraged as I frolic through this artistic adventure. 

Happy Creating!!!


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Sheila said...

I think you are doing wonderfully! These are better than I can do, I will say that. I need to practice more as well. You have really captured a personality in each one, and I think that is a great achievement!